12th International Art Competition and Exhibition 

Salt Lake City, Utah

" For all his Children "

This work is made entirely of acid-free, hand-cut, and environmentally responsible paper. I chose this technique because it can be transmitted and reflected on. Paper has been present in many periods of history and in every corner of the earth, it is diverse in terms of colors, textures and composition, and has allowed the knowledge of all things to be passed on from generation to generation.

When I thought about this work, I visualized it from the point of view of the viewer being part of it. God, Our Father, has given all his creations and blessings to all his children equally. The great creations that Jesus Christ prepared for us were represented in a single group: the sea, the mountains, the desert, the jungle and the savannah. It is for this reason that the outstretched hands and some of the most significant representations of God's creations are a symbol of his love for all of us regardless of our origin, race, condition, religion or ethnicity.


Acid free paper

Size 80 x 90 cm

12th International Art Competition

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